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Supporting the integration of young people through digital technology

Since 2014, the Orange Foundation has been training young people aged 16 to 25 in new digital jobs in its 200 Solidarity FabLabs in Europe and Africa. A real opportunity to express their talents through new technologies, develop their skills and improve their employability.

Many of them took part in our 6th International Solidarity FabLabs Challenge on the theme of water. See their creations!

(Re)watch the award ceremony

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The winning project!

Solidarity FabLabs Challenge: 2023 finalists

Web Users’ Prize and
Change Now Prize

Eco Water,
water for homes

ECO-friendly and ECOnomic! The ECOwater project optimizes the management of gray water through an innovative and unique system in Tunisia, based on natural materials and smart home automation.

El FabSpace Solidarity FabLab

“Favorite” Prize

the school of sustainable water

Back to school! Rano’O, the project that improves water quality in Madagascar’s schools while teaching students to wash their hands.

Solidarity FabLab

Jury’s Grand Prize

the solar water pump

EcoSolar improves access to groundwater in rural areas that often don’t have a reliable and environmentally-friendly pumping system. A project full of (solar) energy!

Solidarity FabLab

The Orange FabLabs,
helping disadvantaged young people

The Orange Foundation is the first to add a solidarity aspect to FabLabs by welcoming young people to teach them about new digital practices and develop their skills.

Specifically, we work with partner charities to organize digital education programs for young people aged 16 to 25 who are at odds with traditional teaching methods, with an approach based on doing and sharing. The Solidarity FabLabs help young people to set up a project by learning to use 3D printers, digital milling machines and laser cutters among other tools. At the same time, they develop technical, digital and transversal skills, such as project management, and also gain experience working in a team – all valuable assets, no matter what career they choose.

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All participant projects

HARI Tech, stop wasting water in the shower!

Burkina Faso Solidarity FabLab

Mayi Peto, the water-purifying robot

Democratic Republic of the Congo Solidarity FabLab

Super Shower, showers for everyone

Ongola FabLab, Cameroon

EcoSolar, the solar water pump

Cameroon Solidarity FabLab

Potabilis, drinking water for all

Cameroon Solidarity FabLab

SustainAqua, water is in the air

Cameroon Solidarity FabLab

Water-Splaining, water literacy

Amor de Dios GarageLab, Spain

Shower Ek’Eau Power, recycled shower water

La Rayonne Solidarity FabLab, France

Bentonite-based Water Filter, to the rescue!

Jordan ODC Solidarity FabLab

GHETTO, technological water treatment

I-VOTIKA Solidarity FabLab in Vakinankaratra, Madagascar

Rano’O, the school of sustainable water

Madagascar Solidarity FabLab

Water Filtre, easy filtering!

Mamiratra Solidarity FabLab, Madagascar

Eco Water, water for homes

El FabSpace Solidarity FabLab, Tunisia
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