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6th International
Solidarity FabLabs Challenge

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Eco Water,
water for homes

El FabSpace Solidarity FabLab

ECO-friendly and ECOnomic! The ECOwater project optimizes the management of gray water through an innovative and unique system in Tunisia, based on natural materials and smart home automation.

Tunisian families are suffering from a shortage of drinking water and the rising national cost of water management. Nihel and Amine, both 23 years old, have designed the ECOwater system that includes:

Collecting gray water from showers, sinks and washing machines.

An in-house filtration system using natural materials (sand, gravel, activated charcoal).

Computerized remote water distribution and real-time consumption monitoring.

To create Eco Water, the two young people in their twenties on integration programs developed their knowledge of electronics and learned to use digital manufacturing tools.

The project in pictures

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